Current Issue

Smiling at Needles (Third Place Winner of the Marguerite McGlinn Prize for Fiction)

It’s not so much that it’s easy to tell the truth to each other. It’s more that we can’t lie to each other.

Migratory Patterns

In Florida, birds are a constant. They are a morning chirp, a subtle squawk, an elegant V formation cutting the pink sky at dusk.

Floating (CNF BONUS)

For weeks I sat on the edge of the pool, dangling my feet in the overchlorinated water.

Summer in Key of Civic

The city is alive with boom bap.

Just Off Valley Forge Trail

Just off Valley Forge Trail, a casino rises. Weather resistant and waterproof.


She built a nest from shreds, sliver of straw from far away,

I will not make a poem of this. Wissahickon will remain

imperially ours, not rendered impossible by a poet’s word.

Perhaps it Won’t be All Bad

I cannot stop the world from burning


Solitude is crowded this morning

The Size and Shape of Comfort

Cooper, the doomed beagle, leaves his owner’s side and nuzzles my hand for attention.

Creole Conjure by Christina Rosso

My recent exposure and appreciation for the short story genre led me to read beyond my comfort zone

Apartment Poems by Cord Moreski

New Jersey native poet Cord Moreski’s newest chapbook “Apartment Poems” takes issues, culture, and diversity of apartment living to make poems that read more like small stories/snippets of Moreski’s community than actual poems.

The Prodigal Daughter by Maria Ereni Dampman

Opening on the aftermath of an explosive terrorist attack, the second installment of Maria Ereni Dampman’s Daughters of the New American Revolution, The Prodigal Daughter, is a story of highly privileged family drama and political intrigue set on a dystopian stage.