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Journey to the Mangrove

There they are again, far below Elaine’s 20th-story window sitting on a bench outside the adjacent building—a newer senior residence, not as tall as hers.

Don’t Trust Reflections

It’s been weeks since I had seen my face.

Her Body Lines

You should have stayed friends with her.

Authors’ Tea

In school we learned that there are four types of sentences classified by their purpose: 


Dominicano soy! Dominicano soy! Dominicano soy in a city of cold.

’69 Mustang

Standing in a semi-circle, They watch Mr. Stevens turn the ignition, Rev the engine.

Free postcard from the saint shrine

Deliciously dark confession booths and big lightless pupils


You take Street Road back to the world,  pine needles fall nearby. 

where something happens

how, at the trolley stop, we all have a common mountain.


i wish the world would stop for me.


I wanted to grieve but the garden was in such a good mood


& now I’m google searching something like good songs to recommend for someone trying to kick

The Jewel of Berks County

There are ten categories of competitive yodeling. When I ask why, she purses her lips.

Writing for Social Justice: Dear Alice

Dear Alice, If you are reading this, it is because yet again the Great Listener has deemed my seeking worth finding.

An Interview with Jennifer Rieger

Jennifer Rieger is a public educator and college professor in the Philadelphia area.

REVIEW: Little Black Book by Chad Frame

Chad Frame’s debut poetry collection pierces in many ways, and the first is its title.

REVIEW: Wolves at Night by Sara McDermott

The bloody fight for female empowerment in Sara McDermott’s “WOLVES AT NIGHT” produces a compelling narrative of a single mother’s fight