Current Issue

Chicken Ball

Do you want to hear about an end zone of a team? Once there was a football team named the Chickens.


With all these problems in the world, we need someone to make a twirl.

Red Butted Sheep

Long, long ago, before mankind, there were many peculiar creatures, such as flying giraffes, the fluffy octopus, tusked koala, sorsel, hawkacorn, pengwhale, lamster, and, of course, the headless chihuahua.

I Am in the Sky

I am in the sky Are you a superhero?

Blue Sky

Blue sky at my house Green grass near by the black road

Home Poem

Home Warm sugar cookies that my Grandmom prepares.


Spider-Man was on his way home, swinging through New York City when he got ambushed by the Green Goblin.

Philly Poem

Walk down the busy streets of Philly To the library a few blocks away

The Backstory of the Ace Village

Once upon a time, there was an evil prince named Gordon. He had a dragon named Spikey.

We Need to Change

I heard a scream. It sounded familiar. The sound too familiar, like it came from someone I am with every day.

Power in Pain

I remember this like the back of my head. I was nine years old, and my life was changed forever.

Dressed Up

Dressed up with a bow


The ocean is blue, It tastes like salt,


When I was a baby, I had a dad.

Community Poem

My home My school My own little world


Happiness is not the feeling of being unloved or unwanted.

Thirsty Dog



She’s Going Through It


Do Not Disturb