When I was a baby, I had a dad. But my mom and dad broke up as I was growing up. I did not know who my dad was. I heard that he was smart and he loved me. He took care of me and protected me from harm. He saved everyone in Paris, because he was a superhero. But, because he was a superhero, he had to leave in order to protect me. 

One day my mom was talking to me about my dad. She told me that he was like a superhero. She also told me what stores he likes and what food he likes. Therefore, I went to all the stores and  ate all of the food he liked. 

There was this one store, where I had to pay a lot of money. But to pay for everything, I had to make money. In order to make money, I had to sing. 

I went to the store and this man came up to me and said, “What is your name?’’ I said, “Leric.’’ He replied, “My name is Eric”.  

I asked , “ Do I know you?’’

He said, “No, but I know you.’’  

“Who are you?” I asked.

He said,  “I… am your dad.’’ I was shocked. That day I was able to take my dad home with me. We had a good time together. 

Later on, I was playing hide-and-seek and my dad couldn’t find me. I turned invisible! He realized that I had been turned into a superhero, like him!  

He then told me the real story, that he was Cat Noir, a famous superhero from Paris. He also showed me how he transformed into Cat Noir. 

He has a Kwami, a flying pet that no one else can see except for me and the other superheroes.  My dad’s suit was all black, with a black belt as a tail, a choker that has a cat bell, green cat eyes, and a black mask. He also had cat ears. 

I had a Kwami, named Tikki, meaning that I was a superhero. My name was Ladybug. 

I joined my dad on his missions and helped him to save the world. My mom was happy, and my mom and dad became friends again.  We spent time together as a family. We all were happy. 

The end.