Community Poem

My home

My school

My own little world


The sky

Big trees

Stone houses


The world stretches further 

But I love my bubble

And my love 

Stretches farther further

Than words


Animals, plants

They are safe 

They are calm

They are beautiful


My mind can save the violence

My mind can save the world

Education, bravery, knowledge

Art, logic, creativity




Sparkling hearts of sandstone and ruby

Emerald and gold


Light dancing across emotion

Changing the way we view life

The way we view the world 


The world might stretch

Until the small bubble bursts

But even in silence

There is still the music

Of love



Laughing and talking

Immersing ourselves into each other

Naturally echoing

Echoing, Echoing

I am never part

Of any community




we will all agree

That  we’re together

We will all agree



I want to be a better listener

I want to be a better friend

I want to change the world

And make a print of my hand 

In blood-red ink

On the world


I want to change communities for the better

I want to make them beautiful


My bubble expands 

The tips of my fingers

Graze the surface

Of nowhere


Life is breathed 

Through all sides






A trusting home

Uniquely beautiful 

Depending on the little lights


Sparkling Dancing