Spider-Man was on his way home, swinging through New York City when he got ambushed by the Green Goblin. He threw a pumpkin bomb at Spider-Man. Spider-Man webbed the buildings around him and trapped the Green Goblin. 

“Looks like you’re in a sticky situation, Greeny!”  Spider-Man quips as the Green Goblin angrily struggles to break free of the webs. The Goblin shakes loose of the webs and jumps on his hoverboard, flying away. “Not this again!” 

Spiderman quickly makes chase after the villain but to his surprise the Goblin had a plan. Out of his arms, he fires four shurikens at his pursuer. Spider-Man’s spider-sense kicks in, and thinking fast, he quickly dodges the Green Goblin’s attack. To Spider-Man’s surprise, the Green Goblin escapes. 

Spiderman stomps his feet in frustration. Looking for help, he heads to Avengers Tower to find Ironman. As Spiderman approaches Avengers Tower he feels his spider sense tingle. In front of the tower, he sees a giant pumpkin floating in the sky. Nervously he webs the Pumpkin. He swings the pumpkin around and throws it into the sky just in time. The bomb explodes in a flash and knocks spiderman to the ground. 

From the top of a giant building flies down the Green Goblin. “Why do you keep ruining my plans, Spiderdweeb?” 

“Its because you’re evil greeny.” He says firing a web at the Green Goblin, grabbing his hoverboard and slams him to the ground, knocking the Green Goblin out cold. He webs him up and police soon come to take him to jail. Unfortunately, villains don’t stay locked up for long.