Philly Poem

Walk down the busy streets of Philly 

To the library a few blocks away 

Get at least five books per week

At the playground I 

read while Elio played.


Pass, kick, shoot, Score! 

Playing soccer at Capitolo

Few things I love more


Hungry! Me and Elio say

Surprise! Going to P’unk Burger

Hooray! Hooray!  


The delicious cheesy burger

A gluten free bun

Fries covered in Vinegar

Oh foodie fun 


And my house, oh how I love my house

My awesome bedroom with biggest bed

Basement playroom, messy as ever

TV ready for Friday movie night


In June on a special day

Go to the Pride Parade

Been Out and Proud 

Since 3rd grade


Bright Rainbows make me feel Glad 

that I am safe and supported here 


I love Philly, 


City of