The Backstory of the Ace Village

Once upon a time, there was an evil prince named Gordon. He had a dragon named Spikey. Spikey hated the prince because he was mean. Gordon was 20, and he was a light skinned, handsome, but evil prince who loved to trick people, and forced them to serve him. Spikey was purple, small, and he didn’t look like any other dragon. He especially didn’t look like an evil dragon. He was very nice and cuddly because he didn’t like being evil. 

One day, the evil prince Gordon told Spikey to go fetch him a princess so he can trick her into marrying him. Spikey didn’t like that idea. He hated being evil. He knew he had to do what Gordon asked him to do but then, he came up with a plan.

Spikey went and visited the princess to tell her about what’s going to happen. The princess was scared. She tried and tried to get out of the situation. Spikey calmed down the princess and explained his plan to her. “I will kidnap you, but don’t worry. I have to bring you back to marry Prince Gordon, but I promise I will help you escape.” Spikey and the princess agreed that if they didn’t go back soon, Prince Gordon would get mad and send someone to kill both of them. 

When they got back to the castle, the timing of the day was called candy hour. The event was held in the field that was in the center of the village. Around that time, all the pets had a moment of the day to be themselves – all pets but Spikey. Gordon didn’t like Spikey being around people who were enjoying themselves and had fun, so Spikey wasn’t allowed to go.  

The evil Prince Gordon knew that the princess liked Prince Charming, his brother.  He also knew that his dragon didn’t like being evil. Prince Gordon shouted at Spikkey, “I am going to lock you up at night starting now!!!!”  

The evil Prince Gordon put the princess in a dungeon. The dungeon was really dark. It was cold some days, and on other days it was very hot. There were blue and purple thick, heavy black bars. It was so cold at that moment. 

One-day, Spikey got the idea to steal prince Gordon’s keys. Before Gordon went to sleep, Spikey stole Gordon’s keys and went down to the cold dungeon. “Princess Mera are you awake?” Spikey asked. Mera said while shivering, “Yes, I am.”

“I’m going to help you escape tonight, or at least I’ll try!” said Spikkey. 

“Okay,” the princess said excitedly, “but can you at least get me a jacket? It’s freezing cold in here.” 

“Yes, at your service, Princess Mera!” 

As they approached the middle of the castle, they were seen by five guards in full armor. “Oh no,” Spikey screamed, “we have to be quick! They spotted us!” As they were saying that, they had heavy objects thrown at them. Spikey was trying his best to fight off the guards with his fire, and then out they went.

Spikey and the Princess finally got to the field where the candy hour event was taking place. They saw a man surrounded by animals. He was more of a familiar face than others. “IT’S PRINCE CHARMING!!” The princess screamed with a very big smile on her face. “That’s right! You’re the evil prince’s brother,” said Spikkey. That was the day Spikey met his new owner – Prince Charming.   

Back at the castle, Gordon had a feeling something was wrong. Spikey was taking too long in the dungeon. The evil Prince Gordon decided to go look for him, and he found out that the princess and Spikey were nowhere to be found. Gordon put up missing people flyers for his “wife” and “dragon.”

A month passed.

One day, a villager had told Gordon he had seen the princess and dragon with Prince Charming. Gordon was furious. “I’m going to get my dragon back! Call in all the guards!” 

Now Gordon and his army were put in a dungeon instead of Spikey because of that bad idea of trying to kidnap Spikey. He would have gotten away with it if they didn’t get caught by another guard on the good side. The evil prince suffered in jail for the rest of his life. 

Then, in the end, Prince Charming became the official king of the Ace Village….. The King and Queen Mera got married and had a princess named Samaya. 

Spikey was really happy with his new family on the good side and became the good king’s new best friend.