Chicken Ball

Do you want to hear about an end zone of a team? Once there was a football team named the Chickens. The team was made up of real chickens. They were animals but they were really good. They were really good! They beat the Jaguars, Cats, Bears and Squirrels (not surprisingly).

After a lot of hard work the team made it to the Super Chicken Ball.  They decided to take the bus to this event. But, when they went on the bus, their toes were so sharp they broke the bus. So, they tried to fly but they couldn’t. Next, they tried to get a cab, “Bock, Bock,” but the people did not understand them. So, they didn’t get a cab.

They had one more idea! And that was to run on the highway. It worked!! 

They almost missed the game but they made it in time! They were playing the FOXES. They made it to overtime. The Foxes made a punt. There was one minute left. The Chickens threw an 80-yard pass and it was complete and they were 10 yards away from the end zone. They had 5 seconds. They handed the ball to the running back. He made it 5 yards and almost got tackled but didn’t and made the TOUCHDOWN!!