With all these problems in the world,

we need someone to make a twirl.


With our ozone layer tearing it apart,

we need people that have a heart.


Our ocean is polluted, filled with trash,

we need to empty it by using our cash.


With these problems, our earth could burn,

so we need to stop and take a turn.


But there are other problems beside the weather,

our world in general is tearing apart like paper in a shredder.


People are killing, robbing, and have no hope,

but we need to come together like a knot on a rope.


We need to love, we don’t need to hate,

you don’t need to hate, but rather appreciate.


Our world is filled with war, hate, and sadness,

when it should be peaceful, lovely, and filled with happiness.


All we need to do is love together,

so we all can become brothers and sisters.