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His Hands, A Silhouette, and The Moon

I faintly remember a short walk up the beaten down footpath,

Closure Never Comes Fast Enough

Cracked lips, bleeding gums,

The Art of Growing Up Without Realizing It

“Our bodies are made of stars” she read.


The whispers seep through the heat vents from the metro station and flutter into my ear


She’s in front of you on the swings at the carnival

My Rain

I’m your cloud and you’re my rain


We shine like LED lights

Winter Explored

As white as sugar as cold as ice slippery and sparkly oh, isn’t it nice Soft, small, silent flakes falling like tiny feathers woosh, wash big winds causing outrageous weather Drinking hot chocolate in a warm nice house, slurping sugary marshmallows, listening for a mouse Smelling the smoky firewood burn as winter arrives there will [...]


Time, time is the key

Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

Hands up, don’t shoot

Us Overload

We’re comin’ through ur speaker

The Saga of Sir Marcdalf the Valiant Part I: The Math Menace

Once upon a time, in a land that is not as far away as it seems, there was the Kingdom of Cramalot. Cramalot was ruled by King Sinderon the Strong. In the city of Monolinth, the capital of Cramalot, there lived a young squire named Marcdalf. Marcdalf was the squire of Sir Renald Shiningsword, who [...]

The Modern Gift of the Magi

Five dollars and eighty-three cents. That was all. And three of those dollars were in nickels. Cents and dollars saved one and four at a time by searching under the cushions and in the hospital kitchen. Five times Cassidy counted it. Five dollars and eighty-three cents. And the next day would be Cassidy and James’s [...]





Melting Head