She’s in front of you on the swings at the carnival

And you’re behind her

she’s having the time of her life

(and you guess you are, too—

She’s gorgeous when she laughs like that)

she reaches back a hand to take yours

you stretch out a hand, too                                          (you think she’s going to save you)

But she’s just a little too far                                                                                        (she can’t) away to reach you

So she pulls her hand back                                                                              (she won’t even try) and turns around

Giving up

And you return to watching her

Not so enthusiastically as before

Emma Paolini is in 10th grade and lives in Medford, New Jersey with her three siblings and dog. She enjoys reading and writing as well as competing on her school’s mock trial team. Emma also loves seeing Broadway musicals and going to concerts.