His Hands, A Silhouette, and The Moon

I faintly remember a short walk up the beaten down footpath,

            Two sets of footprints making craters in the half-dried dirt,

The trees whispered at us as we leisurely made our way past,

            And there were thorns pricking at my shirt.

The stars came out to sing to us,

            And the moon rose gently onto their stage,

Our shadows disappeared like disturbed dust,

            But I’d never seen his eyes a more breathtaking shade.

Though our shadows were gone and we were sole beings once again,

            The moonlight cut through the branches of trees

And there his silhouette, nimble like a wrist bent,

            Danced to the tender whispers in the breeze

We swayed in harmony as the moon looked down from its seat.

I’d like to believe it was smiling—

Then a sliver of light made its way to my cheek,

            And so we ran again as the sun started rising.

Dominique Kendus is a 9th grader living in Wilmington, DE with her twin sister. She loves to write poetry and listen to music, as well as play soccer with her sister.