Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

      Hands up, don’t shoot

Stop the unnecessary violence

Plain innocent people getting shot

By the cops,

And I thought they were supposed to protect us.

Hands up, don’t shoot

May 16th, 2010

A little girl is lying in her house

The cops come in looking for someone else

They see her and pow!

Hands up, don’t shoot

I’m walking down the street with my all-

black hoodie, just got back from the store

I turn around and pow!

I get shot and killed, and he gets away free.

Hands up, don’t shoot

It’s sad to say we live in a generation

Where a cop can go out and shoot an innocent person

And get away like nothing happened

Hands up, dont shoot

Oh wait, it’s too late…

Azariah Collins attends Girard Academic Music Academy in South Philadelphia. She is in the fifth grade and is a dancer, actress, and published poet. She has been with Mighty Writers for four years.