Us Overload

We’re comin’ through ur speaker

Runnin’ through ur town

We’re pourin’ through ur headphones

And ur eyes are turnin’ brown.

We’re pumping up the volume

And we can’t be stopped!

Ur brain is leakin’ out ur ears

Ur head’s about to pop.

This is on Us!

An Us Overload.

And u better run for cover

‘Cuz we’re about to explode

Said it’s on Us!

An Us Overload.

And ur mother’s gonna shudder

When us writers hit the road.

The pressure’s buildin’ up now

And we’re about to burst out!

Rockin’ stadiums, gymnasiums,

If ur feelin’ us, shout!

Yes, it’s an Us!

An Us Overload.

And u ain’t been this

covered since the last time it snowed.

Spongmay Khan is in the sixth grade and loves to write raps. He really wants to be a rapper when he grows up (or even right now)!