Winter Explored

As white as sugar

as cold as ice

slippery and sparkly

oh, isn’t it nice

Soft, small, silent flakes

falling like tiny feathers

woosh, wash big winds

causing outrageous weather

Drinking hot chocolate

in a warm nice house,

slurping sugary marshmallows,

listening for a mouse

Smelling the smoky

firewood burn

as winter arrives

there will be no more ferns

Bundled up

cozy and tight

there’s no way

you will get frostbite

Winter is fun,

it’s cold all day

it’s nice to stay

outside and play,

No more staying

inside all bored

winter is waiting

to be explored.



Juwaireyah is 10 years old and is in the fifth grade at Universal Institute Charter School. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite subject is science. She wants to be either a doctor or a cosmetologist when she grows up.