The Art of Growing Up Without Realizing It

“Our bodies are made of stars” she read.

“Our bodies are littered in scars” she said.

There’s seven billion on one planet

and eight planets orbiting the sun.

So how can one thing so small

mean such a something to someone?

Day by day nothing is different but,

looking back it all has changed.

Like how roller turned to razor when talking about blades,

and smoke that once puffed from the chimney

is now dancing off cigarettes,

and sorry but ‘sorry’ doesn’t stick

when your glue is made from regrets.

So put your lipstick on right, pretty girl

or he won’t want you the right way,

and oh don’t put on too much, silly girl

or you’ll be asking for it, no matter how little you say.

Play pretending was much simpler, when the dragon was a cardboard box

now Romeo is not at your window, but he sure as hell is throwing rocks.

That scary monster never left she just crawled out from under the bed,

and she’s so much harder to find now that she’s swimming in your head.

She lingers on tongues and leaps from lips

and soon enough she’s screaming ‘sl*t’

because of the way you sway your hips.

“Our bodies are littered with scars” she said

but keep acting like you don’t care how you’ve grown.

There’s seven billion surrounding us

and we’re pretending to not feel alone.