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The Life Unknown

(A Shandong Village in China, 1973)             The damp, cement walls surrounded the cramped rooms in the apartment that was home to three generations of a family. The TV was outdated and small, the curtains were drab, the couch was worn, and there was no air conditioning or heating. The family consisted of two [...]

Thick Woods

There are a lot of quiet towns like ours in the world, and a lot of them have nothing else to their name. Most towns have some sort of story, or legend, and so does ours. Behind the schoolhouse, past that little creek with the broken-down sign, there’s a dense verdant wood that opens it [...]


New-sprung life


Are supposed to be of warmth,

I Am From

I am from food that tastes like heaven. From

I Am From

I am from where family and friends

Sow What You Reap

We don’t stare into the void


Stranded in the ocean

The Election of 2016

The year in question is twenty sixteen.

I Wish

Um, excuse me, sir,

It’s a Wonderful Half-Life

I live a half-life,


Carpe Diem

Shadowed Light

Ocean Beach, New London

Portrait of a Shrub

Fake News

Sports Channel