Stranded in the ocean
And she can’t even breathe.
The waves are pounding,
It’s hard to see.
She’s trying so hard to stay afloat,
Hoping she will spot a boat.

After a while, she gives in
And the water washes away her sin.
Her eyes flutter, shut, and her
Lungs begin to burn.
The farther down she sinks
Her mind begins to burn.

She no longer wants to sink,
So, she quickly starts to think.
She kicks and strains with all her might,
Trying hard to draw out the fight.

Suddenly the girl feels relief
And she is finally able to breathe;
she looks up at the feathered sky,
and sees her angel floating high.

Karly Smith is a junior in high school and aspires to be a bestselling author when she grows up. When she is not writing, she is drawing to fill up her free time.