Sow What You Reap

We don’t stare into the void
So we can learn from it.
We stare into the void
So we can learn to live with it.

We don’t lose things
To learn their true value.
We lose things so we know that
They never mattered in the first place.

We don’t create meaning in our lives
To give our actions purpose.

We create the illusion of meaning
So our actions can be validated.

We don’t ask the questions
That will lead us to higher thought.
We search for the answers
That will prevent that from happening.

We don’t write poems
To share our knowledge with others.
We write poems to affirm
How little we ever knew.


We don’t say “we”
To unify our lives in the pain that we share.
We say “we”
So that we don’t have to feel so alone.

Connor Healy is in the twelfth grade and enjoys writing poetry. He lives in Medford, NJ with his little brother and two little sisters. In his spare time, Connor also enjoys riding his bike and acting in musical theatre shows.