The Election of 2016

The year in question is twenty sixteen.
The problem is with whom was elected.
Despite all the opposing party did,
their candidate was rejected.

The system needed people to vote,
to cast a ballot in every state.
The results justified the actions:
Such acts of terror and hate.

The lies of the winner blinded us.
The polls gave us false hope.
No one saw this coming.
The country learns to cope.

The next face of our nation
has a narrow state of mind;
What does this say of our country?

What does it say of mankind?

The first amendment affirms our right
to pursue a religion with ease;
That means you cannot ban
people who you don’t please.

Threatening the safety of protesters
is not the value half our country chose.
He cries out words of violence
to those who dare to oppose.

He dares to sue the newspapers
that are open, honest, and smart.
That violates our rights,
Those same at our nation’s heart.

This just means we can never stop fighting.
We cannot quiet, quit, or cry.
Every moment is even more precious.
Our freedom will never die.

Julia Carrigan is a 14-year old freshman at George School in Newtown, Pennsylvania. She lives and breathes the musical Hamilton. With whatever little time there is left, Julia likes to read, act, and write.