It’s a Wonderful Half-Life

I live a half-life,
Full of half-baked things.
Half-friends, half-dreams, and half-songs to sing.
Half-formed goals for a half-planned tomorrow.
Half-done coping for half-felt sorrow.

The half-lived life, some think is insane.
With half-happy joy and half-seething pain.
But when life keeps threatening and belittling you,
You find it much easier just to cut it in two.

Only half-hearts to be broken and half-hopes to be squandered.
A half-man to half-die and to half-rest.
And it does not take much effort
To lead this half-life,
For when you do it half-heartedly,
You are doing it half right.

In our reduced states, we are truly half-free.
With less to focus on, we can finally half-see.
But to be truly half free, one must concede
To lock away the things they’d rather not see.
For things are always right,
When they’re put in half-sight,
And if you say that’s ignorant,
You’re probably half-right.

But in the end, one must remember
Above one and above all,
That being half-nothing is better
Than being nothing at all.

Connor Healy is in the twelfth grade and he enjoys writing poetry. He lives in Medford, NJ, with his little brother and two little sisters. In his spare time, Connor also enjoys riding his bike and acting in musical theatre shows.