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Letter From The Editor

Once again it is my pleasure to announce the winners of the McGlinn Fiction contest and to thank the McGlinn and Hansma families for their continued support of PS and the contest.

Here is as Good a Place as Any (First Place Winner of the Marguerite McGlinn Prize for Fiction)

ELIZA IS SITTING ON THE EDGE OF THE CITY, on a hill from which the lights, streaming east toward the river, would’ve been beautiful if there were any.

Portrait of a Stranger (Second Place Winner of the Marguerite McGlinn Prize for Fiction)

I could paint his face from memory. Crinkled and putty-colored and as aggravated as a tub of stucco.

Tryst (Editor’s Choice, Marguerite McGlinn Prize for Fiction)

I thrashed against the pillows, fist twisted into the linen, leg braced on a column of my canopy bed when my telephone rang.

Three Dead Mice

The twilight gloom buries me, its weight landing heavier on me than on my husband or our three young children.

Baby Long Legs

I mourn two feet of hair so I arrange ragweed in a halo until I start sneezing.

My Father and His Sky

Lead foot in a Lincoln, nothing stops an object so completely in motion.


I was stationed near Biloxi, Mississippi, before the time of Martin Luther King.

Bless Amtrak

for their quiet cars, no raised voices, no phone calls all devices muted or used with headphones

Words Remain Unsealed

At Tupperware parties The ladies sold nothing but containers Full of nothing


The low, washed buildings swamped in white dunes, the afternoon courtyards laden in silence;


My cousin sold 2 paintings for the down payment We were all there my mother my grandmother my aunts

Museum of Things by Liz Chang

Museum of Things by Liz Chang is ekphrastic in nature, allowing the reader to walk through a small selection of objects in the “museum” of the poet’s life.

Gilt by Jamie Brenner

No one does family dynamics quite like author Jamie Brenner, and in her newest release, Gilt, proves just that.

These Are a Few of My Least Favorite Things by Shannon Frost Greenstein

When I read the collection of poems “These are a Few of My Least Favorite Things” by Shannon Frost-Greenstein, the first word that came to mind was balance.

Beyond Repair by J.C. Todd

J.C. Todd’s Beyond Repair presents a solemn, resigned perspective of war and its inevitable, irrevocable toll on civilians, combatants, and their communities.