Current Issue

Letter From the Guest Editor

My name is Lori. I am a Black woman. I am a writer. And I have always known that Black lives matter.

Nobody Makes it Big in Philly

Elizabeth did the best she could to make ends meet.

Coal Black

The story of what happened during the summer of 2020 is lost, or rather, someone just dusted it over, and if you just put a little breath on it, you’ll reveal it all.

Sunday Service

Diedre is someone who can handle anything, so Evelyn and I looked up when we heard her edge and saw her throw up her hands.

Self-Portrait in my Hometown

I stumbled across a bad jawn…

Tea Scars

Little girl who resembles me with your bright, plastic bow barrettes knocking too close…

Black Diamonds and Pearls

He tells me of days when even dreams can’t wriggle free.

Washing Stockings

Around Midnight…the same fashion Daddy’s arms would rest…

Pond: a synonym for hope

there are ponds that find themselves in North Philadelphia…

Writing for Social Justice: At Your Mother’s Knee

The idea of instituting Governments is to secure people’s rights to life, liberty, and property.

(Online Bonus) REVIEW: Kirwyn Sutherland’s Jump Ship

Some of the feelings within a Black life cannot be easily expressed; they contradict each other.