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Spring Senses

Spring is the best season ever!

Bitter Sweet

What do you see when you first step foot in a meadow?


Hands were meant for holding

What Makes Strength

Being the biggest is not strength

It’s A Dream

End scene, a standing ovation.

Where I’m From (Nyeema)

I’m from the scorching heat of the South,

Confidence Is Like a Glass Window

Maybe confidence is like


My sister Susannah,




unger is relentless. Hunger keeps you going while pulling you back. Eating away at you soul, your nerves, your bones. Hunger is that box always waiting at your door step. Making you remember. Making you always hungry for food, for money, for love. Until the day when there is no more hunger. No more food [...]


Friendship is a stab in the back.


9/11 deeply nestled within the dull concrete debris lie the bones of those who could not say goodbye # fear fear is assuming that the unfamiliar is dark and evil # hope living on nothing but promises and a dream that things will work out     Graham Laughlin is 16 and lives in Riverton, [...]


I have known the untamed happiness of chill in early October,

CHAPBOOK: My Poetic Voice by Mighty Writers

Please click this link to enjoy “My Poetic Voice Spring/Summer 2014: A Poetry Chapbook by Mighty Writers!”

A Man’s World (Inspired by Alice Walker’s “Women”)

Be soft  And supple  Hairless like a child Pluck your brows Dye your hair But don’t be so vain Stand up for yourself But know your place Be wife material But don’t be so needy and dependent Be strong And confident But rely on my compliments for self esteem Don’t starve yourself To look like a stick  [...]

The Yearbook

An innocent nine-year-old girl sat behind a wooden desk


She’s cute and not very tall, but she sure is small

The Guinea Pig Races

In my elementary school, pets were a big thing. Class pets like rabbits or chickens were owned by a few lucky classrooms, and pets like goldfish and frogs were owned by the less fortunate. Our classroom ended up with guinea pigs. At first, I was excited. Who could turn down furry, pig-like, hamsterish-mouse things? But [...]

The One-Dot Mushroom

Once upon a time there lived, a queen and a king. They had two children named Alec and Molly. Alec was a newborn and Molly was 5 years old. One day, a witch came to their palace. She put a spell on Molly’s mom and dad, and turned them into one-dot mushrooms. You see, the [...]

Click to Start

One simple game. Just a silly computer game. Harmless. No, it actually isn’t. Ever since people have started to download the game, it’s gone all wrong. It’s because everyone’s missing. About three years ago is when it started. Moji Enterprises had released their newest game. Moji is popular for the addictive games you really can’t [...]

Aya’s Story

“Grandmother, what is this painting supposed to be about? It’s so, um, grey,” Anna says to me. She is pointing to a bleak grey painting of a broken down shack with a tin bucket on the doorstep I had made many years ago. “Oh, Anna, it is such a long story, I am not sure [...]

The Meaning of Life

While the wind whistled through the trees, Jaya and her best friend, Austin, lay in her backyard. Beep, beep, beep went the door as Jaya’s mom, Mrs. Nallark, entered the house, so both kids got up and ran into the house. “Mom, did I get any mail today?” Jaya asked. She had been waiting for [...]


Bradley walked into his hotel room at precisely 11 a.m. and started his search. He peered into the wooden closet that smelled of fresh paint and found no forgotten items. The drawer to the modern desk made a scraping sound when he pulled it open. In the desk, there was a box of matches with [...]