Confidence Is Like a Glass Window

Maybe confidence is like
a glass window.
Nearly impossible to break,
but not quite.
Usually bearing
a crack or two.
A scare that shows the truth.
A window can break.

Some glass windows
are ten inches thick,
and bulletproof.
Some glass is fragile,
a window that is too thin
to block out the cold.

Some windows are dirty,
smudged and foggy.
The glass too damaged
to see through.
Some windows
are made of crystal.
The glass so clean
it shines.

Some windows have curtains.
A shield made of cloth
to prevent anyone
from seeing in.
And some windows are naked,
the glass is bare,
open for anyone to gaze in.

Maybe confidence works
like a glass window.
Visible or hazy,
detectable or invisible,
unbreakable or flimsy,
maybe this is how
confidence works.


Olivia Maltz is a seventh grader at Friends Select School. She enjoys writing poetry, making ceramics and playing the ukulele. She has lived in West Philadelphia her entire life.