Where I’m From (Nyeema)

I’m from the scorching heat of the South,
from the place that rarely gets snow.
I’m from a small town,
from the countryside where everyone knows each other.
A place where kids run barefooted across their lawns.
Where the highlight of your day is being outside.
I’m from outside sprinklers and water hoses.
The trips to the beach.
From bike rides up and down the driveway,
and catching fish with bare hands.
I’m from the nights of Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek,
weekends of Thanksgiving-like dinners and ice-cream for dessert,
from home grown watermelons and okra.
I’m from greenery and nature
from love and tenderness,
a place that never changes.
I’m from a family of believers and scholars,
from the Holy Spirit.
I’m from a place that I always go back to,
Columbia, South Carolina.



Nyeema Caldwell is a 7th grader going to Friends Select in Philadelphia, PA. She likes to read and play with her dog and friends