It’s A Dream

End scene, a standing ovation.
You’re bowing to the crowd,
after performing the Broadway musical, “The Lion King.”
Suddenly you’re spinning,
around and around.
Then, you stop.
Now you’re flying through space,
zooming past comets and landing on the moon.
And again you’re spinning.
This time you’re walking through the desert,
scorching heat hitting your neck,
beads of sweat forming on your forehead.
The spinning starts again once more.
You’re on a boat. You can smell fish and salt water.
Someone rams you from behind.
You’re overboard, gasping for air,
trying to scream help.
Then, you plunge under,
sinking to the bottom.
When you think it is the end,
your eyes open.

It was only a dream.



Nyeema Caldwell is a 7th grader going to Friends Select in Philadelphia, PA. She likes to read and play with her dog and friends.