The One-Dot Mushroom

Once upon a time there lived, a queen and a king. They had two children named
Alec and Molly. Alec was a newborn and Molly was 5 years old. One day, a witch came to their palace.

She put a spell on Molly’s mom and dad, and turned them into one-dot mushrooms. You see, the witch wanted to be the new queen so she could make everyone in the kingdom her slave. She uses her magic powers to turn people and pigs into lesser beings like mushrooms, bushes, and toads. The things that she changes stay alive, but are controlled by her power. She does this to punish the people and pigs of Free
Kingdom for crossing her forest and collecting trees and bushes for ingredients to make their suppers.

So, she put a spell on the king and queen, and they became colored mushrooms with one black dot on them. After casting her spell, she also took Alec while he was sleeping. Molly did not know she had a brother because no one told her. Molly was spending time with her friend, Prince Tommy, when this happened.

In the Free Kingdom, there are two different palaces. Princess Molly lives in her palace most of the time, and Tommy, prince and messenger to the King and Queen, lives in a different palace. They are best friends. Every time the princess is sad, she talks to her best friend Tommy, the pig. He is very intelligent. Pigs can solve mysteries fast. The pig lives in Pig palace with his pig fellows. He enjoys wearing rich fabrics all in blue and red. He wears boots, and his favorite boots are colored brown. The pig doesn’t like to eat a lot, so for a pig he is quite skinny.

Princess Molly is blonde with blue eyes. She has freckles on her face near her nose.
She likes to wear dresses that are blue. She is brave and can run fast. The princess and the pig are both nice. They are not mean to others and are reliable. Other pigs and people trust them. They are nice to their kingdom’s subjects and they protect their kingdom from other people who might steal, like the witch. As was said, the witch sometimes curses the pigs and people to become her servants and other things.

The witch is wicked. She is tall and fat and ugly. She has wrinkled skin and wears ripped clothes. This witch lives under a stone near the forest. Pigs and people are scared of her, except for Prince Tommy and Princess Molly. They always take journeys to the forest.

The witch waits years for the right time to appear in front of Tommy and Molly. The witch wants Alec to marry Molly so that the witch can be the new queen.

Prince Alec has now grown, and has blonde hair, too, just like Molly. Alec knows that his stepmother wants him to marry Molly but feels uncomfortable marrying the princess because he senses a connection between himself and Molly. He doesn’t know what it is, but he feels he just cannot marry her.

One day, Molly and Tommy were walking through the forest.

“ Molly, I need to talk to you.” Tommy said.

“What is it, Tommy?” asks Molly.

“Yesterday, I was delivering a message in the forest when I overheard the witch talking to her trustworthy servant about turning your parents into one-dot mushrooms, and stealing your brother, Alec.”

“So, you’re saying I have a brother named Alec?” asked the princess confused.

“ Yes, you do, you need to believe me,” says Tommy.

“ Look Tommy! There are some mushrooms. Let’s take some,” said the princess.

“ These mushrooms are beautiful, some are striped and some are dotted,” Tommy cried. “ Do you smell that, Molly?“ asked Tommy.

“Smell what? “ The Princess said.

“You don’t smell that perfume? ”

“ That smell is awful! ” exclaimed the princess.

“The colors are my favorite,” he hesitates. “But maybe they are poison.”

Suddenly, they found themselves in front of a huge flying stone, which was actually the roof of the witch’s invisible house. Near the stone is a large bunch of mushrooms, marking where the front door to the witch’s house lies.

The witch appeared and said, “What are you doing with my precious mushrooms?”

“We….. were just taking some for our kingdom’s people,” said the princess quivering.

The witch said, “What are you doing in my forest? And who are you?”

“I am Molly and this is………” the witch stopped her.

“Let the pig speak for himself,” the witch scolded angrily.

“I beg your pardon, my name is Tommy and we were just walking to find ingredients.” Tommy whispered quickly.

Behind the bush, Alec appears. “Mom, who is this girl and this pig?”

The witch said, “This is Molly and Tommy.”

“So, this is the Molly you want me to marry so you can be the queen?”

“How did you know about this?” Croaked the witch.

“Well, I overheard you talking with your servants,” replied Alec.

”Stop with the nonsense, young boy. Go to your room.  I’m dealing with a more serious problem.” Alec goes back into the house as he was told. Then Molly whispered in Tommy’s ear.

“Is that Alec the brother that was taken from my parents when they got turned into mushrooms?”

“Yes, indeed!” Tommy said.

“Get away now while you can or I’ll turn you into a mushroom like I did to the others,” yelled the witch.

Tommy and Molly said, “No! We won’t leave until you return my parents, the king and queen to us.”

“I have a mystery for you to solve,” the witch said, not knowing that Tommy is an expert solver of mysteries.

“You have three chances to identify which mushrooms are your mom and dad. If you fail, I will be the new queen and then you will be turned into roosters,” the witch said, confident that her plan would succeed.

Tommy picked first. Tommy picked one-dot mushrooms that were colored blue. They were not the king and queen, but it was the chef from the palace.

The second chance was harder, because the witch used her powers to mix all the mushrooms up. Molly picked a mushroom that was striped black and white. That was also not the king or queen, but instead, an old lady. Their last chance had come.

Molly said, “Let’s choose the red one.” Tommy doesn’t agree and argues for the blue one. They compromise, and agree to choose a purple, one-dot mushroom, because blue and red make purple.


Molly’s dad (the king) appears! Sadly, that was their last chance and they did not find the queen.

“Ha! Ha! You could not find your mother, the queen.” The witch laughed and went inside to get her wand while the king, Molly, and Tommy hid behind a bush. They were scared that they would be turned into roosters. The witch was smart enough to know that they would try to escape, so she put a spell on the invisible fences around her invisible house.

When the witch found them, she began turning them into roosters, but Tommy already being a pig, could not be another animal.

The next morning, the king, Molly and Tommy figured out by communicating in animal talk that Molly’s mom, the queen, was hidden in the witch’s room. Meanwhile, the witch went out for a walk, but forgot to make the house invisible. She was so happy that her plan was succeeding that she got careless.

The group rescued the queen and made it out before the witch returned from her walk. They ran through the forest quickly, but the witch discovered them on her way home. As the witch began to pursue them, she tripped and her wand fell to the ground.

Alec picked up the wand and turned the evil witch into a stone. Then, he turned the king and Molly back into people. They went back to the witch’s house.

“There are a lot of people and pigs turned into mushrooms, stones and other things here,” the queen said. “Let’s turn them back to normal.”

So Alec, who still had the wand, turned everyone else back to the way they used to be. The pigs and the people gathered together in Free Kingdom and had a celebration and they all lived happily ever after.



Marciella is 11 years old and in the sixth grade at Mastery Charter Thomas Elementary (MCTE) in Philadelphia. She likes to write stories, poems, do math, and art. This summer, she participated in a cool engineering program called Science Engineering Experience for Kids (SEEK). She is also a student at Mighty Writers South. She has an awesome mentor named Sandee Mandel.