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The Friendship Bracelet

The cool October air smacked into Katherine’s pale, freckled face like a swatter on a fly. She zipped up her jacket and slipped her hands in the pockets. I didn’t know it was gonna be this cold! She thought as she turned the corner. Her thoughts about the weather quickly faded as her gaze went [...]

The Old Man and the Fish

The old man sat at the table across from his wife, his head slowly drooping beneath his hunching shoulders. It was his birthday, and she’d decided to take him out to one of his favorite restaurants to celebrate. She’d scurried around all morning—confirming reservations, inviting friends, calling family and enforcing a dress code that “should [...]

Six-Word Memoirs

The following six-word memoirs were written by young people ages 6-15 during Tree House Books’ Tree Shade Summer Project, Conversations in the Garden: What’s Your Story. Campers wrote their own stories, expressed their story through different art projects, and interviewed longtime members of the North Central Philadelphia community. Tree House Books’ mission is to grow [...]

A Thin Sheet of Glass

Miriam Rose, Age 10, Wyncote Elementary © 2012 A bone-chilling gust of wind swept over my cheeks as the door to the store jingled. I looked up from the cash register as a short, thin, and rather ashen-looking woman stepped onto the threshold of the Wawa. She wore a long, dark, down winter jacket, with [...]

Richer Writing-Personification

We all know that animals can’t talk, right? Or can they? Have you ever found yourself having a conversation with your cat or dog, or another type of pet that you might own? In a way, your pet does talk to you, either through a look, a bark, a meow or whatever noise your particular [...]


I watch them everyday,

Duality of the Universal Solvent

Burning, freezing, melting, cold and hot and tepid,

Notebooks of Poetry

And so she filled her notebooks with poetry

The Skeleton Girl

She dances on her piano


The evening train came speeding by

Somewhere Beneath My Curled Toes

My heart was beating,

Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco is the best quarterback I know

My Pal Shell

You sound like the waves crashing at the shore

Music is a River

Music is a river,


I tried to eat my pizza

Damon and Blue


I Was There

Snowflakes danced in the air

Cover Art Fall/Winter 2012

George Sloan, Age 10, Wyncote Elementary © 2012

Miles Hyatt-Long, Age 9, Homeschool Student © 2012


Celia Varady, Age 7, Homeschool Student © 2012

Maia Cohen, Age 13, Cedarbrook Middle School © 2012

Ani Varady, Age 9, Homeschool Student © 2012

Miriam Rose, Age 10, Wyncote Elementary © 2012

Cover Art Winter 2012

Suburban Sunset

Self Portrait by James Griffen © 2012

Green Witch


Elora Hughes, Age 10 © 2012

Dragon Mandala

Paper Bag Mask

Clay face mug