The evening train came speeding by
So again she lightly perched, a seldom rest from winded fly
The regrets and sighs that fain be sung
Sang freely in her lullaby

The secrets that I with you share
Are your burdens to shamely bare

Dark and tearful music laid
For haunting were my youngest days

So lean your head in, quickly, close!
And hear my screeching lullaby

With eyes half shut
Looking sadly on
Where the land of dreams might lay
Wishing she could go again

Awaits she, the dawning day
And in this morning she shall stay
The end of the dawning day

So again she may perch
And sing in grief
Her screeching, moaning story time
Her sadly tragic lullaby



Marcela is in sixth grade and loves writing, basketball, volleyball and track.  She aspires to be on Broadway, in the Olympics or a poet and her special talents include hula-hooping, wiggling her ears and doing long jump.