I watch them everyday,
Never being seen nor heard

Like a million invisible flies on a wall

Doing nothing-only watching
Thinking…should I help?
it would save her from all the Hurt

But then,
will they come after ME?

should I tell someone?
just turn the other way


There are many flies out there
Just like me,
What do those flies do?
Do they continue watching…or…help?

Do I want to be a fly

They called her an ugly fat cow today
She looked at me then.

Asking for.
No! begging for help

I was silent.
Silent as a snowflake in the Dead of night
not Breathing
only Seeing.

seeing the Dread
the Terror.

Not moving
Could I move?
Begging. that’s what she was doing
Begging without words
Her eyes screaming Help Me!
I didn’t move
I couldn’t move
Only stare-stare into her teary pain filled eyes

following her eyes
they saw me
what to do-what to do

I ran

ran as fast as I could
leaving her
leaving them.

All Alone

Taylor Kroll lives in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania and is in 10th grade.