Six-Word Memoirs

The following six-word memoirs were written by young people ages 6-15 during Tree House Books’ Tree Shade Summer Project, Conversations in the Garden: What’s Your Story. Campers wrote their own stories, expressed their story through different art projects, and interviewed longtime members of the North Central Philadelphia community. Tree House Books’ mission is to grow and sustain a community of readers, writers, and thinkers in North Central Philadelphia.”

Greg, age 10
That gold trophy will be mine.

Kurtis, age 15
In the footsteps of a leader.

Victoria, age 15
Tree House guides my future.

Nia, age 12
To me, it’s cheer or die.

Trinetta, age 10
I like Tree House Books projects.

Musadeq, age 14
I’m the next Tree House JSM.

Najwan, age 12
I am creative and love art.

Marisol, age 6:
I like doing better and better

Tatyana, age 9
My mom helps keep me safe.

Sameer, age 8
I would play in a tree.

Haley, age 9
Reading is a path to intelligence.

Hamzah, age 8
I love to tell people stories.

Meadow, age 8
I love Tree House Books.

Morgan, age 9
I love to ride my bike.

Kaseem, age 7
I like my scooter and water ice.

Laila, age 8
I love my brothers and sisters.

Nadira, age 9
I’m glad to be a sister.

Jamirah, age 7
Jumping on my street is fun.

Sinyae, age 8
I love to be a reader.

Milah, age 8
My mom is a vegetarian person.

Shaeef, age 8
Tree House Books helps me succeed.

Celina, age 14
I believe in making a difference.