Current Issue

Fluttering Heart

You said we needed a cage. We found one at a thrift store. It was a round cage with a big domed top that reminded me of a mosque or a Russian church.

Like Speaking in Morse Code

You wake up to yelling from downstairs, just like yesterday. You find your glasses on the nightstand and feel the world come back into focus.

Mr. Salameh Gets Drunk at the Wedding

There was a man in the ballroom of the Sheraton wearing a skirt.

Brompton’s Mixture

My grandmother fancied herself a glamorous woman, an old-fashioned movie star, but in fact she weighed seventy-nine pounds and had ropes of veins running up her arms.

Bewley Road

The tears started welling up as I watched another man drive off with my dog, Bewley.

63rd Street: An Ode to Childhood

We wore slap bracelets and pants that swished.


Lot of good it did me. Rising before dark.

Springtime in Philly: A Mirror Sonnet

Wake crocuses—push through crumbling asphalt; purr and croon, slumbering cats curled like snails—

Mama and the Clothesline/Tuckahoe 2001

She bent slowly, grabbin the damp bedsheet from the laundry basket.

A Widow Learns About Mars, Molten At Its Core

Even now, is it possible to consider the self-original: the source from which something arises?

The Masterpiece in Our Bedroom

In a dark room, San Girolamo writes with a quill pen.

Brutem Fulmen

The talk-radio host is provoking listeners to weigh in on what language we believe acts as the official discourse in hell.

In Paradisum

The basement furnace died at 3AM.


Becoming intimate with spirits, I put my ear to the ground and listen to the ocean rumble

Haibun After a Tornado in Pennsylvania

The late summer brings forth baseball, roses, and wreckage. A chainsaw roars.

Philadelphia Geese

In Fairmount Park the Canada geese migrate from the west side of the river to the east

For the Living on 12th/Catharine

At the park a birthday picnic glitters safe as a mirage: soap bubbles float slow