Becoming intimate with spirits,

I put my ear to the ground and listen

to the ocean rumble


I see wolves

they wear their hides like masks

prey on the flesh that peeks out from under skirts,

between breasts

what wanders in the dark


eschúchame, mi amor


Make yourself hard to chew


The ants are hardworking–

carry petals like treasures,

heavy and bright

 each a wish already made


Take one




Attune to the water, cold like a first breath


Most of the fruit is half lost,

decays slowly

like magic

feeds the strays

soaks the sand


The darkness is a friend


Perhaps this is why the air is sweet,

why I find kisses in the cracks of the pavement

awaken dreaming

a face I remember

but don’t recognize


This is how they paint the sky–

the gods I mean

Drinking moments like mead,

danger is dust behind them

they follow a golden road

and it never ends

Liora Hassan (she/they) is an ambitious nonbinary writer and recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh’s English department. Hassan likes to draw from various facets of her identity as well her everyday experiences to guide her work. They’re fascinated by the potential that literary art has to upset the norm and unearth new considerations. Hassan recently made Philadelphia to be her new home and looks forward to the changes it will bring.