Where I’m From

I am from the warmth of my family’s hugs.
I am from the smell of my mom’s perfume and the taste of my dad’s Italian food.
I am from seeing my sister’s beautiful drawings and my brother’s funny jokes that make
him who he is.
I am from stories of my family, the laughter that I share with my friends.
I am from vacations, from seeing close friends and family, from having my cat, Spice, purr
against my legs, from watching my brother and sister play with Spice.
I am from downs to ups, from frowns to smiles, from sad moments to happy moments.
I am from getting good grades and coming home from school, my dad picking me up and
my mom looking for coupons.
I am from special occasions and my dad telling us the secrets he uses for his recipes.
I am from smiling faces and having a nice, warm meal.
I am from an Italian-American family.


Mandy is currently a fifth grader at Franklintowne Elementary School in the fall. Mandy wrote this poem at the PS, Jr. writing workshop at the Tacony Library in the summer of 2011.