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Letter From the Poetry Editor

Philadelphia Stories is excited to share the winning poem in this year’s National Prize in Poetry!

A Song for Anna Mae

a little pony shapely and beautiful

Make Her Dance

When the one’s fall from the sky we confuse the source of the Rain.


In the boat of the Buick, lake of ice glinting in front of us like a tarnished mirror—

Tía rebuilds her house as she snores

You stand from the crumbling rooftop as she scours adobe, surveying the conquistadors’ stamp


An invisible hand, vice-like, grips his shoulder…

If the Elevator Tries to Bring You Down, Go Crazy

When Prince sings I Would Die 4 U I know he’s singing the number 4,


The pile of dishes in the sink piled up for months  until the drain was clogged and the sink became a pond.

Painting the Heart

I wanted it pink, then blue, yellow. I wanted it beating on the table.

Underground Parking in Tehran, 1984

“We must take shelter darling,” my mom whispered in my ear at 2’oclock in the morning.

Yellow Throat

This discarded fence-post piece will become a bird. Out of all of Audubon’s dogeared pages

the body remembers everything it has ever been

and by this I don’t mean the eggs in me that grew inside the fetus that was my mother inside her mother’s womb


She told me her brain was a barn on fire, horses hammering at the stalls, beams ablaze

In the City

We saw a goose in the courthouse yard. Then more flew in and settled on the grass.

Letter to an Old Friend

When I scan your letter, left to right, seeking light between spaces,


Swinging his skinny legs out of his narrow bed, Olyinyk sat on the edge, momentarily suspended in the dream space between prayer and sleep.

Finding Parking, a Purple Couch, and a Home in Philadelphia

Antonio and I arrived in Philadelphia on August 5, 2014.

Interview with Jenny Lowman

Jenny Lowman is a true advocate for literacy. She has worked in the nonprofit arena of Philadelphia for over 15 years, having served as the executive director for the West Philadelphia Alliance for Children (WePAC).

REVIEW: Sink by Joseph Earl Thomas

Navigating life in Philadelphia never came easy for Joey, the protagonist of Sink by Joseph Earl Thomas.

REVIEW: Phedippides Didn’t Die by Autumn Konopka

Pheidippides Didn’t Die is a captivating romance novel that Autumn Konopka sagaciously weaves topics of  grief, mental illness, and trauma into a heartwarming love story.

REVIEW: The Elephant’s Mouth by Luke Stromberg

  “The Elephant’s Mouth” is Luke Stromberg’s much anticipated debut poetry collection, defies conventional poetry.

REVIEW: At the Seams by Pamela Gwyn Kripke

In the novel, At The Seams by Pamela Gwyn Kripka, a feisty eight-year-old Katie learns from her mother that years ago, her grandmother had a baby that died under mysterious circumstances.

REVIEW: An Oral History of One Day in Guyana by Shannon Frost Greenstein

In “An Oral History of One Day in Guyana,” Shannon Frost Greenstein begins her story in 2018 with Aisha Allen, sitting down with a reporter after 50 years of silence on the subject that changed her life, Jonestown.

REVIEW: Scrape the Velvet from Your Antlers by Kelly McQuain

In his full-length poetry collection Scrape the Velvet from Your Antlers, Kelly McQuain presents an identity shaped by the flora and fauna of West Virginia and the dreams and responsibilities of family and community.