In the City

We saw a goose in the courthouse yard.

Then more flew in and settled

on the grass. The day was sinking hard


to dusk, but the geese paid it no mind,

just croaked and rustled by the pond.

The path encircling them was lined


with pithy weeds that spit fronds high.

End-of-workday walkers passed us by,

mothers with strollers, shy


tourists, acting awkwardly at home. The water

glistened, increasingly, as the sun slaked

itself on winter-fingered tree limbs. The ache


of colors intensified the sky for one moment,

then slid to indigo. And off we went,

wandering towards home, and fell in bed,

as if this were some grand event.

Magda Andrews-Hoke lives in Philadelphia, PA. She has studied literature, religion, and linguistics and was a 2019 recipient of the Frederick Mortimer Clapp Fellowship for Poetry. Her poems can be found in Commonweal Magazine, The Friends Journal, and elsewhere.