Make Her Dance

Runner Up: 2024 Philadelphia Stories Poetry Contest

Make Her Dance

After Juicy J

When the ones fall from the sky

we confuse the source of the Rain.

The ass shaking caused a deluge.

As it should be yet the hand is considered

the source. The clouds aren’t even the

source. White science pales in any comparison

forced by Black alchemy. The gold, the

shine, the minerals in deep conversation

but we only see paper. Shiny teeth snag on

the lights, a Diamond in the rough was carbon

first. life Fossilized then consolidated. Some LLC

is paid homage and the rain dancers are

forced to tip out. House money isn’t real. Plantation money

is. The club separates the haves and have nots. Miss recognition

got a smart mouth. All hail the fat ass, the rain bringer,

clapping and winning the battle of the bandz.

Vincente Perez is a poet and scholar working at the intersection of Poetry, Hip-Hop, and digital culture. He is a PhD Candidate in the Performance Studies program and a Poetry and the Senses Fellow at UC Berkeley (2021). His debut poetry chapbook, “Other Stories to Tell Ourselves” is available now (Newfound 2023). Their poems have appeared in Obsidian, Poet Lore, (De)Cypher, Honey Literary,, and more.