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She, by no means, had ever thought that she needed a man to save her,


I want to cover my cities in magazine

A Monster is Near

her eyes flutter shut

The Last Thoughts

Swimming in the ocean I let myself get a little too deep

Philly Senses

Philly tastes like The sweet effervescent drinks from corner delis, tickling my tongue with tiny bubbles,

Monsters Not Demons

My mama always told me to double check. Again and again she would say, “Did you lock the door?”

On This Dark Night

Most teenagers have been to at least one party where they played with a ouija board, and when nothing happened, forgot about anything remotely supernatural for the rest of their lives. However, these three boys had always been curious. Ouija boards and Bloody Mary had never been enough for Cam, Mitch, and Elliot. So, when [...]

The Girl Who Stared Back At Me

I glowered at the girl staring back at me through the glass. She wore leggings, even though they made her uncomfortable, as they were often scratchy. Her short shoulder length hair was down, even though she would much rather have had it pulled back in a ponytail. She wore boots, even though they would hurt. [...]

The Elephant Garden

We were kids, so everything was in technicolor. The sky was the sapphire ring Cam’s abuela wore. The grass was the fresh emerald paint on the corner grocery storefront. Dewdrops were the liquid diamonds that spilled from Aunt Pia’s neck on Sunday mornings. The clouds were that sweet scratchy cotton candy that melted gloriously in [...]

I Wish I Was Braver

I saw him get hit, I didn’t cry. I was outside of the emergency room, I didn’t cry. Even now at my father’s funeral, I wasn’t crying. Many people tried to comfort me, not for me but because they were scared, scared of judgment, scared of mortality, scared of me. I wish they were braver [...]

Winter’s Spell

“You know, I never liked winter.” Tammy turned her head to the sound of her old friend Donnie’s voice, her eyes lost in the milky night sky. They had encased themselves in the freezing February dusk, struggling to search for help. They had first found themselves trapped after taking a wrong turn from a hiking [...]


Kristen has learned to accept that her grandfather will not know her face apart from her siblings. She is his grandchild, non-differentiable from the other dozen, and he knows little more of this stranger than of someone off the street, and less than if she had had a conversation with him. “So, when’s school start [...]

The Girl Who Stared Back At Me