Monsters Not Demons

My mama always told me to double check.
Again and again she would say, “Did you lock the door?”
Again and again I would say, “Yes mama, the door is locked.”
But she always made me double check.

Now it’s late at night, the rain is tapping on the roof.
The wind is rattling the windows.
Only I know it’s not the wind or the rain,
Just the demons.

I curl into a tight ball, the salt from my tears sting my eyes.
I can hear their claws nearing my bed
As my tears stain my pillow.
Why won’t they leave me alone?

I am so scared, trembling even, I can’t feel my face anymore.
My covers lift off me.
I squeeze my eyes shut, and hope it is just a dream.
“The salt in your tears isn’t working, is it my darling?”

“You should be gone!” I scream.
“Dead! In hell! Where you belong! Why isn’t the salt working?”
Its voice is deep and scratchy.
“Because we’re monsters not demons, silly girl.”

I am in multiple pieces now:
My dark skin has gone pale, my hazel eyes are glassy,
My dark curly hair is sprawled out around me.
Never forget to double check.

My name is Ayah Pearson. I am Homeschooled and I am in the ninth grade. I like to write horror because I’m a big scaredy cat. That along with my vivid imagination gives me the fuel to write scary stories and thrillers. When I’m not writing I like to draw, read, design characters and ride horses. I live in Philadelphia with my mom, my brother, and my stuffed animals. I am a proud Mighty Writer.