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On the ground the red, white, and blue lie worn

Interview With Jim Benton

  Devi: What inspired you to be a writer? Jim: I think it’s because when I was a kid, I really liked to read, and I read all kinds of stuff.   I read good books, I read junky books, I read comics., I read equal quantities of stuff that was good for me, and I [...]

Little River

Life surrounds me,

Big, bold, tall, kind, your best friend

I am an oak tree.

Nicknames For Me

The valedictorian who loves to win

I Am From

I am from

I am an Oak Tree

I am an oak tree.

I am an Oak Tree

Little River


Pen Art



Construction Paper Medium

  Devi Simons is in the second grade at Germantown Friends School. Her favorite color is violet, and she enjoys reading about Greek mythology. She loves art, music, and science. Her favorite thing to do is read.

Taj Mahal

Nikhisha Arjun is six years old and lives with her parents in Levittown, PA. She is in first grade at Walter Miller Elementary School. She loves to paint, draw, and read books. She recently won a school mural competition and has been previously published for her paintings. When she grows up, she wants to be [...]

Tempra Paints

Rani Simons is in the first grade at Germantown Friends school. Her favorite color is blue, and her favorite animal is the dolphin. She loves science, art, and music.