On the ground the red, white, and blue lie worn
A nation that is undoubtedly torn
Those men in blue who have sworn to protect
Show those of opposite races nothing but neglect
Screaming red pours from the veins onto the floor
Making us resent the nation we want to adore,
Instead this nation driven by equality is trapped in a war.
A free nation undivided, or so they thought,
The government rather let it citizens rot.
Wealth and power has corrupted the leaders with thoughts of greed
In return they refuse to give those without the education and help they need
In a nation undivided, here it lies torn
Racism and greed has cut this nation’s flesh like a thorn.
For those who chose to turn a blind eye
How would it feel to watch a loved one die?
For those who are proud of this nation
How can you can you ignore those whose cries wail so loud?
On the ground the red, white, and blue, lie worn
A nation undoubtedly torn.
Do you see the hatred that radiates in their veins?
Do you see their mind so swollen with prejudice?
Do you see them, blinded by that red
Shielding their eyes from the differences that makes us great?
Do you see through them to the black depths of their heart
Where it is cold and being rotted away by mold?
Their minds are confined by steel barriers that trap them, trap them into feeling only hate
As they draw their weapons and tear us apart for the differences that make us great,
On the ground the red, white and blue lie worn
A nation undoubtedly torn.

Nicholas Graff is interested in joining the Navy. He writes poems about social status and tensions in America.