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Summer Venice

Tree branches swinging

To a Once-Perfect Character

erase all but the perfect few

Poems from the workshop at Nokomis Elementary School

Fall In fall leaves change color and start to fall We play football, soccer, and go back to school We like to go on hayrides, tractors, and sit by bonfires at night People decorate for Halloween Our town is filled with pumpkins, vampires, ghosts, and trick-or-treaters Fall is windy and we feel the cool breezes [...]


Baseball, baseball is the sport I play I play, I play, I play all day I like to dive I like to slide I like to run from side to side Most of all, I like to hit I like to hit and I like to spit I like to spit the seeds I bit! [...]

The Poet of Dusk

When it’s dusk, I really must Know your secret, dusk When I say I must, I have to know! You’re really great. You put on a show. How do you make those lights shine bright? How do you make those colors not shy? I would really like to try. How do you make those colors [...]

Falling Jewels

The rain has been streaking down all day.

Talking Leaves

Did you ever notice the leaves talk?

A Child’s Request

We were free, we played, we laughed, we were loved.


War is like you are a pumpkin And it is Halloween War cuts you off at the stem So you cannot grow any more War is like you are a pumpkin And it is Halloween War cuts the top off of you War carves you out, scoops out your insides War is like you are [...]


Smelling all the pies and cakes,

An autobiographical poem

Katelyn Athletic, strong, funny Daughter of Joyce and Jerry Who loves basketball, softball, and family Who feels strength about perseverance Who needs support, love, and confidence Who gives 100%, help, and support Who fears giving up, taking the easy way out, and never doing her best Who’d like to see Hawaii Who dreams of being [...]


The breeze tickles my smooth cheeks. The warmth of the sinking sun’s rays buries into my skin. Bursts of purples, blues, reds, and oranges cover the sky, outlining the bright sun. Practically diving into the crystal clear water, the orange ball of light skims the horizon. The cool waves kiss my toes and the grains [...]


In the fading light of the setting sun, Luka Yeshevsky sketched a face. Luka drew the model’s lips, so carefully pursed around a smoldering cigarette, aligned to the curves of his chin. His pencil marked the contours and peaks of the quaint little nose, which rested plainly above the philtrum. He even captured the sagging [...]

Benjamin Potatohead

Behind the sloping hill, the one with sandy patches of grass and rabbit holes, yellow dandelions and light purple wildflowers, there was a village. The tiny village was a merry place with colors everywhere: on kites sailing through the sky, on little toys that bounced and made noise, on the doors of small houses built [...]

Scary Scouting

On a dark, chilly, scary Halloween night, four little Tiger Scouts named Greg, George, Dragon, and Bob were camping in a graveyard. Normally, they were quite brave little scouts, but the spooky, eerie Halloween night was really creeping them out! It would have been fine if they’d chosen to trick or treat like all the [...]

Dear Jeannette

I don’t think I will ever get over that day, May 1, 2006. It is the day I lost a piece of my heart, a piece of myself. Why did you have to die in that car accident? Why do these things have to happen? It’s not fair that I had to lose you that [...]

Hope: A Story of True Friendship

                             1 Barney In the mists of London, in the middle of the night, you can hear a dog bark.  That dog is Barney.  I am the only one that knows why he howls, and I have permission to tell you. It all happened a few years ago, when Barney lived with the Millers.  Mrs. [...]

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Married

Everybody knows the classic story of Cinderella.  I know it especially well, considering that I am her.  But here’s the thing: it didn’t happen exactly as they would have you believe. ‘Kay so, my mom never died.  I think the writers had it that way to make it seem like I was all lonely and [...]

Over the Course of a Mont

the reason i am here in the first place from look of the misnomered pleasantville apartments, one wouldn’t think that it was such a filthy place to inhabit. once one walks into the lobby, he/she would begin to have some suspicions, but mostly from the shady looking character working at the front desk. if one [...]


People say that the city never sleeps.  Granted, the streets seem to pulse with an incessant stream of life.  During the morning—the busiest part of the day—businessmen, students, and the occasional cluster of tourists flow down the sidewalk, converting the cement pavement into a one- way stream of bobbling heads.  It stems off of the adjacent river of [...]

Outside in Inside of Me

Pinocchio Reimagined

Self Portrait

Joan of Arc


Girl Pinocchio