Poems from the workshop at Nokomis Elementary School

In fall leaves change color and start to fall
We play football, soccer, and go back to school
We like to go on hayrides, tractors, and sit by bonfires at night
People decorate for Halloween
Our town is filled with pumpkins, vampires, ghosts, and trick-or-treaters
Fall is windy and we feel the cool breezes
At Thanksgiving we like to eat turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes
We can smell turkeys roasting and pies baking as we sit with our families by the fireplace
Fall is awesome!

The soft, moist, cold snow falls from the clouds
We sled, have snowball fights, and make snowmen
We put on our hats, coats, and gloves to ice-skate on the frozen lakes
We smell cookies baking and hot fireplaces
We wait for Santa to bring presents by our green, decorated Christmas trees
We drink hot cocoa with marshmallows on cold winter days!

Spring is rainy, warm, sunny, and fun!
Baby animals begin to be born
We see squirrels, birds, and baby rabbits
We like to play baseball and basketball
The flowers and trees start to bloom
We pick strawberries, cherries, and flowers for our moms on Mother’s Day
We like to eat ice cream, strawberries, and water ice
On Easter, we find eggs and eat candy
Spring means that school is almost over
Spring is really cool!

Summer is hot and sunny
We like to play baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and hockey
We swim at the beach and play in the sand
The ocean is blue, wet, cool, and filled with waves
We make sandcastles and find seashells in the hot, hot sand
On the 4th of July we see flashing, bright, rainbow-colored fireworks in the black night sky
We love to eat ice cream on hot sunny days
At night we cheer for the Phillies and cool off in the pool.
Summer is the best!