Baseball, baseball is the sport I play

I play, I play, I play all day

I like to dive

I like to slide

I like to run from side to side

Most of all, I like to hit

I like to hit and I like to spit

I like to spit the seeds I bit!

I like to catch

I like to fetch

I like to fetch what I’m supposed to catch!

I like the games I play in

I like the hotels I stay in

We love to laugh

We love to play

But when it’s time to compete, we’re on our feet!

It’s great to steal, plus a really big deal

Over the stands we see waving hands

We listen to the “Star Spangled Banner,” being sure to mind our manners

We have our heads held up high, like the blue, cloudy sky

We love having support for our most favorite sport.



Luke Anderson loves baseball and has three siblings. He plays travel soccer and baseball. In his free time he likes to hang out with his friends and he loves pizza! He’s in third grade, and his favorite color is blue. This poem came from a workshop from Mrs. Strong’s Third Grade Class at Neeta Elementary School.