Safety in the Plants

Safety in the Plants

Blue hues of the night scatter the outside

Big little windows peek on the sky, while sitting in the inside

A group of laughter hides within the room.

Plants from every corner dream to loom

Stacks of lies lay written inside.

A table that reads every lie

Which makes the plants laugh and cry.

The couch of wonders lingers the pain,

From a girl who never liked to play.

She sits on the destined couch,

Waiting for the room to shout

After all this kind of pain,

She wonders if the plants will laugh today?

Jazmyne Moseley is in eleventh grade and goes to Franklin Towne Charter High School. She likes to write poetry and short stories for fun. She also likes to read and build lego sets. Her favorite color is blue, and she enjoys living in quietness. She lives in Philadelphia, PA with her dog, Bailey, and her mom.