There once was a girl,

A girl who dreamed of a world with unicorns and such.

This girl was beautiful, but flawed

She saw her way of walking, her smile, even her laugh as a cherishing indifference.

In her world she was perfectly imperfect.

This girl grew and was now a teenager,

A teenager who broke and cracked

Took apart her body to find something, even just a mere glimpse of beauty.

Staring at the unwanted reflection in the circular long mirror that leaned on her wall

Taunting her with every glance.

The reflection that looks back at her with a frown.

There is a teenager girl,

She’s consciously imperfect.

There is a bully, seeking a defective smile, a wonky walk, or even an ounce of fat,

Tearing the young girl apart at the seams,

Destroying her once ever so beautiful perception,

Of herself.

There will be a woman.

She will look in the cracked reflection,

The reflection that has been staring back with devastation,

All these years,


There is a bully.

There is a teenage girl.

There once was a girl, who always saw the glow that outlined her from head to toe.

Skyler Kucowski is 17 years old and lives in Northeast Philadelphia with her parents, grandparents, and little sister. She loves animals and nature. She loves poetry: both reading and writing it. Poetry is her way of expressing herself and expressing her struggles and insecurities through a beautiful flow of words.