Philadelphia’s Change of Season

Philadelphia’s Change of Season

by Ava Egan


I cannot help but to stop and feel the cool breeze passing us by .

Through Philadelphia in the North, South, East, and West.

How happy are you that the weather is the best?


October, how hard you always try to be born.

I will never forget the unstable summers,

Going here, there, and everywhere.


But instead, fall is here.

As the clock falls back and the night grows longer,

enjoying pumpkins, hayrides, and apple picking, in the near future we will be tricking.


What other night is such a joy being out

In the dark dressed in different things like a cowboy.

Chanting, “Trick or Treat” so we will get something good to eat.


The night is over,

I’m so glad I have so much leftover.

Hiding candy in my drawer, all this long walkin’ has made my feet sore


I look outside and there’s a full moon,

Just think, Christmas will be here soon!

I was born in Philadelphia, PA, and was raised in East Falls. I have made so many friends in my neighborhood which I love. I play basketball, soccer, and lacrosse  for Chestnut Hill which is in Philadelphia. I love writing poetry. I live with my older brother and my parents.