by Zaayn Beamon


i’m falling

but what can i do?

my body wants to let go of you

not feeling the spark, not feeling the love.

i’m feeling for myself, you’re not in love


you’re gone

but what can i do?

i’ll scream and shout,

i won’t be heard.

i’ll cry and beg,

but that’s being absurd.

i’ll reason and explain

but who’s really to blame?


i hate it

but what can i say?

your love just doesn’t feel the same?

that somewhere along the way,

I started feeling your pain?

wasn’t supporting you,

always a part of you.


i love you

but it hurts.

it’ll stay that way and it burns.

yet time apart will heal the marks

and raise you back from the dead.

Zaayn Beamon is a freshman in high school and likes to write poetry. She also likes writing in general and lives with her family of 6 in Philadelphia, PA. She plays 5 instruments and counting.